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Christopher Bissonnette is a Canadian musician/sound artist/designer living and working in Detroit/Windsor. He has released four full-length albums for the Chicago based label Kranky and a collaborative recording with David Wenngren (Library Tapes) on Home Normal. Bissonnette is also a founding member of Thinkbox, a project-based collective that has explored art, sound and video in a variety of contexts ranging from art galleries to music venues. Over the past ten years Bissonnette has continued to expand his aural vocabulary and production techniques incorporating elements of concrete, field recording and modular synthesis.



“Bissonnette’s mastery of his material is everywhere in evidence.” Dusted

“Bissonnette works on an introspective level, building pellucid arrangements that suspend you, breathless, in a perpetually meditative state.” Earplug

“Periphery should become the new benchmark of how to disassemble, reorganize, and completely reshape organic & commonplace sound into a beautiful and absorbing piece of music.” Foxy Digitalis

“It’s hard to know quite how to describe these utterly majestic micro symphonies. ‘Periphery’ is a florid gem of a record that deserves to be centre of attention. Marvellous.” Boomkat

“It’s somewhere between a ritual and a gallery showing, if not both.” The Quietus

“This is a record that oddly demands your attention, only to demand that you relax once you have given it.” Future Sequence

“The music is experimental, with the focus on chance, risk and error creating a beautifully natural, organic sound. Itʼs a stunning album, its snaking lines of synth radiating with inner warmth, its prism reflecting a thousand sharp colours.” Fluid Radio





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