Review and MP3s: The Meridians of Longitude and Parallels of Latitude on

David Wenngren (aka Library Tapes) is no slouch when it comes to releases, the Swedish chap has amassed so many recordings it’s hard to keep track, but this particular album is a little different. That’s probably down to the involvement of Canadian Christopher Bissonnette, who released the gorgeous and understated ‘In Between Words’ on Kranky a while back. The restrained and elegant ambience of that underrated album translates perfectly to this collaboration as Bissonnette reforms Wenngren’s dusty sounds into elongated, gaseous drones. In a world where the mention of the word ‘drone’ seems to conjure up dark, gloomy worlds and miserable boys in black hoodies, there is something refreshingly elegiac about ‘The Meridians of Longitude and Parallels of Latitude’. While the sounds might be obscured, the emotions are worn on the musician’s sleeves, and illuminated with bright, rippling daylight. As the cover might suggest this is music for bright, autumnal landscapes; and what better time to listen than right now.